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Chicago Pre-Sales Community | March 2020


Chicago Pre-Sales & No Kid Hungry

Our group exists to serve our community, whether its helping people advance their careers or offering assistance to those in need. With that in mind, we are happy to partner with Sales Assembly in promoting their fundraiser for No Kid Hungry. Many children from low-income families rely on school meals; with closures, they have nowhere to turn to. No Kid Hungry (a Share Our Strength campaign) connects kids in need with nutritious food and teaches their families how to cook healthy, affordable meals.  Please consider joining us and Sales Assembly in supporting the very immediate need of getting meals to children in need!



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My favorite thing about being an SC is how it challenges the right and left side of your brain at any given time. It's important to utilize logic. critical thinking and an analytical approach to become the subject matter expert of your platform & company. It's also important to have curiosity and utilize creative thinking to drive innovative and meaningful solutions with the technical knowledge you possess. Finally, packaging it together is just as important - whether you're communicating it to internal or external stakeholders. #ChicagoPreSales


My favourite (British spelling) thing about being an SE / SC / PreSales is the tremendous range of skills and competencies it demands and the amazing trust you can engender, and impact you can have, on a client when you master them.


My favoutite thing is that SE's are the oil that keeps the engine of sales, and the rest of the company, running smoothly. We can do almost everything! #ChicagoPreSales #presales #salesengineering


PreSales is where solutions come to life! It is the one role that allows you to be technical while still staying close to the business, and you get to see the direct outcome of your efforts through solutions you design for customers. In today's world, with buyers having access to tons of information before a sales cycle even initiates, the presales role is more critical than ever in helping buyers make the right decision and moving the business forward.


I enjoy the systems thinking required by the job. I would add that I hope to one day lead a company and believe pre-sales is one of the best ways to learn all aspects of how a business is run. (And, often, to be paid handsomely for the privilege.)


 It is a great marriage of tech skills, industry knowledge, sales skills and teamwork skills that is always changing and challenging.  In the right circumstances you can be a very trusted adviser to the buyer and create many great buyer connections through the role.


The PreSales role is the best role in an organization because it is focused on being a customer centric problem-solver. The customer is truly the center of everything that organizations do and the growth/success of a company is how well the product or platform resonates with the customers business in mind. In my strong opinion, the role is only becoming more and more important as technology expands! 

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